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Scala is part of the Tapas Theater foundation. The Tapas Theater Foundation is a cultural ANBI (Public Benefit Organization). An institution can only be an ANBI if it is almost entirely committed to the public interest. This ANBI status makes a donation to us extra affordable: your donation is tax-deductible and is received tax-free by the Tapas Theater Foundation, so 100% of the amount benefits our activities.

General data

Official name | Tapas Theater Foundation

Publicly known name Scala 

RSIN/tax number 858752104

Postal/business address Van Hallstraat 286, 1051 HM Amsterdam

Phone number 020 - 7793306

E-mail address

Chamber of Commerce 71532250

Bank account number NL52 RABO 0329 6698 18

Objective according to the articles of association

  1. Increasing the accessibility and appeal of Dutch theater to a broader audience by realizing a theater format that enables the audience to curate the course and duration of their own theater evening, in the broadest sense of the word;

  2. realizing and offering a platform to (beginning) artists to stimulate their artistic talent and increase their brand awareness;

  3. making the Dutch theater world more inclusive for both visitors and artists, in the broadest sense of the word

Current policy plan
Reference is made to Policy Plan_Tapas Theater

Management and supervision
The director and director is T.L. Harmsen.
Tapas Theater Foundation has a Supervisory Board, which supervises the policy of the board and provides advice to the board.

The Supervisory Board consists of:
– Marieke van der Lans, chairman;
– Karin Hoogendoorn, treasurer;
– Elke Smelt, secretary.

The director's remuneration is based on the Theater collective labor agreement. The members of the Supervisory Board receive an expense allowance and not excessive attendance fees.


Current report
The Tapas Theater Foundation has been operational since mid-August 2018.  In 2023, the Tapas Theater foundation moved to Van Hallstraat and opened its location under a new name: Scala food bar & theater. Publicity for the activities takes place via social media (Facebook, Instagram), various other online (websites, blogs) and offline media (daily and weekly newspapers, local radio programs). Also read the article 'New initiatives such as the Tapas Theater offer a stage for less established names' from de Volkskrant from January 6, 2019.

Overview of productions
Since its inception, the Tapas Theater Foundation has guided more than 250 artists in their cultural entrepreneurship and provided a playground. All artists played for at least 2 weeks (=10 performance days = 30 performances). Click here for the complete overview of makers and performances.

Financial report
The fourth financial year of the Tapas Theater Foundation runs from January 1 to December 31, 2021. click here for the foundation's fourth annual report.

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