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Writers wanted!

Scala (formerly TapasTheater) usually provides a paid performance space to (new) makers who perform their own performance. Since last year we have also been creating a place for writers who do not necessarily want to play and singers/actors who do not necessarily want to create. This resulted in three successful productions ('Monday Evening', 'Tussen de Lakens' and 'Fluitje van een cent'). We are now looking for writers with inspiration for a 20-minute comedy who want to write a performance for Scala for a fee.

Who are we?

In addition to paid employment for artists, Scala also offers an accessible theater format to visitors. We program three different performances per evening (in all genres). Each performance lasts 20 minutes and plays three times per evening, is created by professional artists and carefully selected by a committee. A performance plays on average two weeks (i.e. 8 performance days, 3 shows per evening = 24 shows per round) with a chance of a reprise. On the ground floor we have a food bar where visitors can eat and drink before, between and/or after the performances. 

Why did we place this query?

Scala only programs high-quality performances. High-quality is quickly associated with heavier themes, multiple layers and great social relevance. Scala will certainly continue to program such performances. We also want more'quality comedies' can offer: performances with light-hearted themes, smaller/everyday subjects and recognizable situations that appeal to a wide audience.Humor is an essential part of this. The performance lasts 20 minutes, has a clear beginning and end, is of high quality, can be performed by one or two actors and offers a positive theater experience to a wide audience.

In addition to the need to expand our programming, we also notice that many actors are eager for work/a place to play but do not have the tools to write a performance themselves. On the other hand, there are many (young) writers whose texts are not yet performed sufficiently. Scala hopes to bring these two together in this project.

What now?

If you are interested, we cordially invite you to submit a synopsis of one A4 in which you explain the complete storyline (i.e. no teaser) of your performance as clearly and concretely as possible. You may submit multiple pitches if necessary. We will receive your A4 no later than Sunday February 18 via

What is the compensation? 

We would like to enter the next phase with the makers whose pitched performances currently best fit our selection committee. This consists of a discussion about the synopsis and an assignment to write the actual script. The compensation is €500 (excl. VAT) per script. 

If you have any questions, you can call Tessa at020-7793306 oremail her.
Thank you very much for your interest and we look forward to receiving your synopsis.

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