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Scala in the news


TapasTheater is now called Scala: 'You can only really learn to play in front of an audience'

Due to the move from the Oosterpark to the Staatsliedenbuurt, the Tapas Theater has twice as much space. The catering capacity in particular is being expanded considerably, so that it is now possible to actually dine. That requires a new name: more in Het Parool 

NEW: Scala food bar and theater in Amsterdam


Sometimes you come across those hidden gems that you actually don't realize you've never been there before. Marieke recently discovered the new location of Scala food bar and theater in Amsterdam. She is happy to tell you why everyone should know this great hotspot...Read more on Foodies

Scala_Foodbar&theater_MargotdeHeide  (5).jpg

'Pretty brilliant' catering and theater concept Scala starts in Staatsliedenbuurt

With TapasTheater, Tessa Harmsen launched a unique combination of theater and dining out. Her concept was so successful in East that she is now ready for the next step: a larger building in the Staatsliedenbuurt and a new name: Scala.Read more in the Westkrant

Eating among the art forms. [. . .] with a very unique approach, you also satisfy your artistic hunger.

Opened last week on Van Hallstraat in the Westerparkbuurt and a very promising one for those who like 'food but different'. Scala is a theater and catering concept in one, where you put together your ideal evening.Read more on Nouveau


Second date ideas? [. . . ] fun thing to do to get to know each other even better

Wondering if your lover has the same sense of humor? In Scala Foodbar & Theater, previously also called Tapas Theatre mentioned, you combine all kinds of theater – including comedy – with eating out.Read more at Cosmopolitan

One-of-a-kind theater Scala open for meetings and events. 

A few weeks ago a new location opened in Amsterdam-West. Scala, an inspiring, one-of-a-kind theater and catering concept in one. Where guests can put together their ideal evening and with various options for business meetings and events.Read more on Greatervenues

scala-foodbar-theater-20230712_273 (1).jpg
scala-foodbar-theater-20230712_535 (1).jpg

Hot Spot: One-of-a-kind theater and catering concept Scala

A stimulating new concept has its doors on Van Hallstraat in the Westerparkbuurt. Scala, an inspiring, one-of-a-kind theater and catering concept in one, where guests can put together their ideal evening: choose from a rich selection of short performances, or relax with a delicious cocktail and matching dishes.Read more 

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